OK Bail Bonds II – Frequently Asked Questions

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Call us of course. The sooner, the better. Call us 24/7 at 713-477-5400

We can prevent transfers, put holds on the individuals in jail, and keep track of person in jail to notify you when the bond comes in.

Name, Date of Birth, and what jail they are in.

If you can tell us what city department, Constable, or Sheriff arrested the individual, we can help you narrow down the search to find them if they are in Harris County.

You can give us an estimate so that we can verify the date of birth with the jail,

It depends on the jail. If they are being booked into a city jail (Pasadena, Deer Park, Laporte, Baytown, South Houston, Tomball, Webster, Seabrook, Friendswood, etc.) it usually takes about an hour If they are being booked into Harris County Jail, processing takes 6 to 12 hours, even up to 24 hours in some cases

If they are in Harris County custody, until they are fully processed in, they will not show up in the system. Processing takes anywhere from 6 to 12 hours. We can continue to check on them and notify you when we find out any new information. We will always keep you updated.

It depends on the charge and where they are in jail. If they have a criminal charge AND they are in a city jail, it will usually take anywhere from 6-12 hours to get a bond. If they are in Harris County Jail in downtown Houston, they will see the magistrate within the 24 hours of being processed. If they have a city charge AND are in a city jail, it will usually be within the hour after being booked-in to get a bond.

A cosigner is the person who will be financially responsible for the bond amount plus court costs of the person in jail. This is a contractual obligation, therefore if the person is on bond and their case is active, the cosigner will be financially liable throughout the entire process.

Yes. Every bond requires a cosigner.

We will ask a series of questions such as name, age, employment, relationship to the person in jail, etc. These questions may seem invasive but are necessary to make sure you can be responsible for the bond you are cosigning for. Everything you tell us is confidential.

Processes will differ depending on where they are in jail. If they have a criminal charge AND they are in a city jail, OK Bail Bonds II would put a hold for the individual in jail. Then our runner or you will make a 2-trip run to execute the bond. Only exception is Pasadena jail where they do not allow holds, but we make them aware that we are working on the bond so that they give us time to execute the bond. If they are in Harris County Jail, our runner or you will take the bond paperwork to the Harris County Processing Center to execute the bond .

The goal is always to get the individual out from the city jail and avoid being transferred. This makes the process quicker and easier for the person in jail and for you. The process usually takes 2-4 hours compared to the 6-12 hours if they are in Harris County Jail.

Bonding an individual out from a city jail with a Harris County charge usually takes 2-4 hours. Once the release is turned into the jail, the individual in jail will be released within 20 minutes.
Bonding an individual out of Harris County Jail takes 6-12 hours to process out.

Depends on what jail they are in.

If they are in a city jail, the arrested individual will then have to be transferred to Harris County Jail to see the magistrate for the bond.

If they are in Harris County Jail, they will see the magistrate within 24 hours of being processed in for their bond to be set

Every shift for the city jail transfers individuals to Harris County once. There is no definitive way of knowing what time they do the transfers since it depends on each shift. But if you have OK Bail Bonds II working on this individual, we will check with the jail to confirm their transfer, then continue to check with Harris County to confirm that they are processed in and from there keep track of them until they receive a bond.

Usually, everything can be done over the phone, but if you prefer to come into our office, we can make arrangements for that as well

You just need to make a payment.

Yes. Payment plans are offered. Please ask one of our agents so that they can provide you with the payment plan information according to your case.

The cosigner either needs to come in before the bond is executed or with the person on bond to do their cosigner application and the person on bond must come into our office within 24 hours of being released from jail.

Whenever an individual is held in Harris County custody, a bond is placed (if appropriate) in order to allow the individual to be out of Harris county custody while they go to court for their case. A bail bond company is used in order to bond the individual out of jail for a percentage so that their family or loved ones do not need to pay the entire bond amount outright.

** OK Bail Bonds II does not provide legal advice. The Frequently Asked Questions are provided to serve as general information. If you need legal advice, please consult a lawyer.