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Since 2000, OK Bail Bonds has been the place to call for quick, dependable bail bond services. We are available 24-hours a day, and we will come to you! Our experience gives us the confidence that we can provide the best bail bond service with the highest payout around.

Call us now for free bonding info and advice at (713) 477-5400! OK Bail Bonds provides free warrant checks and advice. If you are unaware if there is a warrant out let us check. We are the fastest company out there and we will not wait to get your loved one out. We serve Greater Houston and surrounding areas.

There’s no need for you or your loved one to sit in jail longer than necessary.

People make mistakes. It is a part of life. If you, a family member, or a friend needs professional bail bonds services in Houston, TX, don’t go it alone. OK Bail Bonds is here to help. We will walk you through the entire process, treat you with the respect you deserve and the and urgency called for by the situation.

We are here for one purpose and that’s to help you or a loved one get out of jail (or avoid jail) as quickly as possible, with the lowest costs to you available anywhere in the Houston area. You deserve the best service we can possibly offer. Call us today and lets us post your bond fast!

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We offer Bail for a Variety of Legal Cases, Including:



We Offer Bail for Possession Charges


We Offer Bail for Assault Cases


We Offer Bail for Traffic Cases


We Offer Bail for Ticket and Ticketing Cases


We Offer Bail for DWI


We Offer Bail for Felony Charges and Cases


We Offer Bail for DUI


We Offer Bail for Domestic Violence Cases

Domestic Violence

We Offer Bail for Criminal Cases


We Offer Bail for Numerous Felony and Misdemeanor Cases

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