Is your loved one currently being held in Harris County Jail?

OK Bail Bonds II helps them get out faster! We’ve opened an office on Milam St. in downtown Houston, so our runners can complete the Harris County Jail bail process that much faster.

You don’t have to visit our office if you don’t want to. We can complete the entire process by phone in most cases, so call (713) 477-5400 to get started ASAP.

What You Need to Know About Harris County Jail

If at all possible, it is better to bond a person out from city jail. Once the city jail transfers the individual to Harris County jail, it can take 6-12 hours to process them. Plus, it can take an additional 48 hours just to get booked and processed, which can make it difficult to find them once they’ve been arrested.

Harris County Jail also has a lot of problems. They suffer from staffing issues, staff failures to follow medical orders, overcrowding issues, and other concerns. If at all possible, you want to get your loved one out of Harris County Jail as quickly as possible.

We Offer Fast Bail Services for Your Crime

We are not here to judge you! If Texas law allows a judge to set bail for a crime, we can help you with it. 

In the past, we’ve helped other Houston residents with felonies such as aggravated assault, drug possession, theft charges, domestic violence charges, and more. We help with almost any misdemeanor or felony you can think of.

Our goal is to provide fast, courteous, affordable service. We treat you like a human being—not like a defendant! 

7 Reasons It’s Important to Secure a Bail Bond for Harris County Jail

Aside from helping your loved one secure the aid of a private defense attorney, working with a bail bond company in Houston and getting them out on bail is one of the best things you can possibly do for them.

  1. Defendants who secure pre-trial release are more likely to get acquitted.
  2. Defendants who secure pre-trial release are less likely to accept a bad plea deal.
  3. Securing bail can protect the health and safety of your loved one.
  4. Securing bail can help prevent your loved one from accruing additional charges because they end up in a jailhouse brawl or other altercation.
  5. Securing bail gives your loved one more time to work with their attorney.  
  6. Time is money. Securing bail may allow your loved one to keep their job or housing.
  7. Securing bail may allow your loved one to retain custody of their children.

An arrest is not a conviction! Your loved one shouldn’t have to spend months in jail when they haven’t been convicted of anything yet. Call (713) 477-5400 to get them out of Harris County Jail now! 

Steps in the Bail Bond Process

Here is how we can work together to get your loved one out of jail.

  1. The judge will set bail at your loved one’s arraignment.
  2. You’ll secure a co-signer.
  3. Call us to complete your application.
  4. Put 10% down.
  5. Our runner goes to Harris County Jail, processes the paperwork, and pays the entire bail amount.
  6. You pick up your loved one from Harris County Jail.
  7. You make regular, faithful payments on the payment plan we’ll set together, and your loved one attends all necessary court dates.

The vast majority of the people we work with pay their bail bond with ease! We understand that everyone is suffering from financial pressures these days. This is why our bail bond payment plans are some of the fairest and most “do-able” in the industry.

Why Choose OK Bail Bonds II?

We make the bail bond process easy and stress-free. 

  • Call 24/7/365
  • We respect your privacy
  • We respect you 
  • Our service is quick and efficient
  • We offer bail bond payment plans

We’re Houston’s most understanding and caring bail bond company! 

 Call (713) 477-5400 now!